Star Inlay & Sixpence – 150€

The Sixpence can be glued on the top or partly inlayed, into the headstock.

Treble Booster / Fryer Super or Fryer Dansan – 190€

With every Dansan Red Special guitar ordered, we offer you the opportunity to purchase the Treble Booster Super, handmade in the original style for us, by Greg Fryer or its variation, the Treble Boost Dansan.

Those boosters are a must have for every player, producing the tone of the Old Days.

(Please note only one is available per guitar order)

SemiRelic – 670€

The SemiRelic option brings the « The Red Special » version, even closer to the original.

It reproduces the wood structure details and alterations, that the Old Lady received over the years, like the neck heel extension, the back veneer repair, etc.

The hardware is completed, with some extra parts, like the hank brass rivets, used for the original pickups connections or some finishing details, like the black painted tremolo block.

The SemiRelic option is available in two versions : Pre or Post 1998 Restoration (Greg Fryer 1998).

There is no wear reproduction neither the finish scratches nor the hardware, reason of the name « SemiRelic ».



  • Back veneer repair
  • Neck heel extension
  • Neck heel truss rod layout
  • Neck  fake wormholes filled with matches
  • Fretboard screws (x 4)
  • Headstock holes related to the differents tuners
  • Neck epoxy repairs
  • Original pickups cavities and wires
  • Cavities black painted
  • Sixpence under the tone potentiometer
  • Tremolo block black painted
  • Extra hank brass rivets (7 units)
  • Original JeanRenaud switches (3 x on/off SPDT & 3 x phases DPDT)
  • NOS Metalmite capacitor 0.02µF
  • Pre 1998 restoration : Bulgin jack socket, Schaller M6, aluminum partial shielding of the electronic cavity
  • Post 1998 restoration : Switchcraft jack socket, Schaller M6 locking, full copper foil shielding of the electronic cavity