The « The Red Special » version is the most accurate replica of the range, proposed by Dansan Guitars.

Every single detail has been reproduced with attention.

Specifications / Price – 4890€

Body : Original construction from Blockboard, Oak inserts and accurate Acoustic chambers, all screwed and glued together / Finest quality South American Mahogany veneers, bound with white binding / Electrical cavities, copper foil shielded.

Neck : Built with finest quality quartersawn South American mahogany / Fitted with Handmade truss rod, as per original / Oak fretboard 7.25 inch radius / Black painted and Rustin’s clear coated / Frets Medium size / 50’s Bakelite nut / Schaller M6 locking tuners, with pearloid buttons.

Finish : Stained wood and Rustin’s Plastic clear coated.

Bridge : Original style Aluminium unit, made of 6 blocks and Rollers, shimmed with Tufnol and brass, screwed in brass Hank rivet nuts, as per original and grounded with brass foil.

Tremolo : Original style Tremolo unit, articulated on a steel Knife edge, with two springs.

Electronic :

Dansan modified Kent Armstrong pickups, to the Red Special specs / CTS potentiometers 250K, with shaft Extenders / Paper In Oil capacitor 0.033µF / JeanRenaud Switches Replica, 3 x on-off & 3 x phase.

Accessories : Custom case / Tool kit / Spare set of Optima BM signature / TShirt.


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