Dansan modified Kent Armstrong pickups

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During the Autumn 2015, Dansan Guitars has started to build custom made Tri-Sonic replica.

They were made on the base of the Kent Armstrong, where the An-isotropic magnet was replaced with an old style isotropic ferrite and the coil built with a specific wire, close sounding to Brian’s pickups, according to Greg Fryer.

These are the same pickups, used on the Dansan Red Special replica range, with the particularity to reverse the polarity of the bridge pickup.

This configuration allows to get the Bridge and Middle pickups, in phase, hum cancelling, as well as the Middle and Neck out of phase hum cancelling too (« Bohemian Rhapsody » solo for example).

Indeed, during the Old Days, the Red Special had the three pickups with the same polarity, so the Middle and Neck pickups were originally hum cancelling, when used out of phase, which is the reason for the bridge pickups polarity choice mentioned above.

The Neck pickup has no base plate, but an « araldited » bottom, like the Old Lady, which changes the inductance and sound of the pickup.

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